Portland, Oregon

For my 25th birthday my marvelous and sweetheart of a boyfriend took me on the trip of a lifetime. We flew into Portland, Oregon with one my best friends Brooke and of course documented every step of the way. I'll be writing a second blog post with our second half of the trip where Ryan and I traveled to Seattle, Washington! Enjoy!

We flew out of Raleigh, had a layover in Minneapolis where we met up with my friend Brooke, then flew with her the rest of the way to Portland. This was the stunning view out of our amazing airbnb in downtown Portland! Check it out  here

We flew out of Raleigh, had a layover in Minneapolis where we met up with my friend Brooke, then flew with her the rest of the way to Portland. This was the stunning view out of our amazing airbnb in downtown Portland! Check it out here


Right after we dropped our bags off we walked down to Pine Street Market, a multi vendor food hall, and had probably one of the top three meals I've ever eaten in my life. We snagged three ridiculously amazing bibimap bowls (short rib, chicken, and salmon!) and pork steamed buns from Kim Jong Smokehouse, annnnnd the bravo plate and the radicchio salad from Pollo Bravo (yeah, we were hungry!)

Of course we had to go to Pine State Biscuits the first thing after waking up the next morning, and it was nothing short of incredible. Check out these massive biscuits! We got the McIsley and the Reggie Deluxe. Ryan and I decided the best way to describe it was basically like Bojangles on steroids. 

We spent the rest of the first day exploring around a few neighborhoods outside of downtown. My favorite was Alberta Arts district! Here are some photos I snapped just while walking around!

The next day we made the trip out to the Oregon coast. It was about an hour and a half drive from downtown Portland, but not only was it so worth it, but the drive was absolutely breathtaking as well. The nature and wildlife is so different than what we see everyday in North Carolina, especially the trees. It was like everything was covered in moss in the most beautiful way, we almost felt like we were in a foreign country just on the drive alone. 

We drove out to Cannon Beach and took one big curve, looked to the right and saw ^this MONSTER rock^ and decided to park and take a photo before we walked down to the beach. This is probably one of my favorite photos from the coast just because you can see the true size of the rock in relation to the tops of those houses. Ryan, Brooke and I all audibly said "oh my god" as soon as we turned the corner, and I'm sure you can see why. 

There's a part of Cannon Beach called Hug Point State Park which is about 3 miles down from this section of the beach. I loved Hug Point because there's this awesome little cave and of course a few more incredible rocks hanging out in the water. 

We left the coast that day completely soaked! The tide kept coming in and out, but when it would go out it would stay far for a good 5ish minutes...so we'd run all the way out as far as we could, take pictures and take in all there was to see and then slowing but surely the water would quickly come back in and we ended up getting up to our waists wet. We weren't even mad because it was so fun and like nothing we've ever been able to experience before.

On the way home we stopped at a little seafood restaurant in the middle of nowhere and when we told the other people at the restaurant why we were all so wet they were shocked. They said the day we had gone out on the water the waves were record breaking and actually a few people had died. We were lucky to have been safe truly, but laughably naive to think the waves were always that tumultuous!

 The next day we explored the food pods downtown then the Lu San Chinese Garden which happened to be incredibly peaceful and gorgeous. Then of course a stop at Voodoo Doughnuts. Check it out!

We finished out this day at our favorite dispensary we went to in Portland, Serra. Then tortas and margs at Guero and an amazing charcuterie plate at Cheese and Crack

Our last day in Portland was amazing. We explored an Oregon forest, took a bunch of photos, and met a pet pig! Then we headed off to one of my favorite highlights of the trip - Radiant Human

Radiant Human is an interactive roving photography pod that photographs your personal aura by the electrodes through your fingerprints. I've been stalking (yes, literally) the RH instagram page for over a year now waiting for a tour date near me to come up. It just so happened that the tour dates lined up totally perfectly with our trip! The tickets sell out incredibly fast, in fact - they were sold out for the Portland dates within 4 minutes, but thanks to my deep stalking - we got two tickets! Because Ryan is the best boyfriend ever he wanted me to take my photo alone, but for his photograph he wanted us to be photographed together.

Here's the day + our aura results!

After RH we went to a restaurant called Broder Nord, a Scandinavian restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch. This was another one of my favorite meals because not only was the food so on point, but the atmosphere of the restaurant was amazing. We waited only a few minutes for a table and the guy seating us took us back to what he called "the bird cage." He said usually it was for parties of 5 or more, but since there were no other tables we got the cage! It was beyond cool and definitely the best place for our last meal in Portland! I got the Swedish meatballs and Ryan got the Gravlax and the Pickled Herring sandwiches! 

After eating, Ryan and I got in our rental car and started the three hour trek to Seattle Washington to for the next 5 days! Stay tuned for a second post on the other half of our trip, and thanks for reading!