I'm Sarah! I like to call myself an art maker and photo taker because "photographer" is a limiting title. I love creating of ALL kinds, but my favorite mediums consist of digital photography, alternative process photography, embroidery, and fibers. 

When I was 9 years old my grandmother discovered that I was very interested in her cross stitch pieces and she quickly taught me how to thread a needle and read a pattern. I continued sewing for a few years as a way of us bonding, but grew tired of cookie cutter patterns of butterflies and Santa Claus stockings and I began focusing my time on taking photographs. 

College is when I discovered my ability to combine my embroidery and photographic skills and I began creating imagery with the sole purpose of sewing on top of the printed photograph. Using techniques I learned as  a child I began to find my voice in photography.  

Although I can't really draw, I can draw with thread. There is something meditative about embroidery that gives my inner perfectionist the reigns while my mind blocks everything else out. Sewing onto photographs is such a tactile and delicate process that gives me a sense of feeling of comfort unattained by anything else. 

My main goal as a creative is to tell my story and hopefully be an avenue in which other people can tell theirs.



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